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All In Steel & Nothing Can Penetrate

The thicker your steel enforcements, the more difficult it will be for any intrusions to occur. Steel has been fabricated into a non-enforceable material. Realistically, of course, it is still possible to penetrate steel, but that would require considerable force with the aid of mechanized and noise inducing tools and equipment. It is more than enough to attract the notice of your neighbors. Would-be intruders are forced to have a re-think in regard to breaking and entering your premises.

If they cannot break into your steel storage facilities or containers without using considerable force then they cannot enter it. Your goods, materials and product inventory are safe and secure. You do, however, need to give serious consideration of the type of product you wish to secure. And then you need to ask whether it is suitable for it to be encased in steel. If you are dealing with perishable produce, for instance, then luck still stands on your side.

What you are after here is efficient cold storage capabilities. An engineer can design cold storage containers that provide safety for your perishable goods. And it is also providing security. Because guess what, it will materialize as a finished item replete with steel. You are also going to be taking into account your mobility requirements. How often will you be shipping out your goods in your own containers?

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And how do you determine the required weight of your steel containers? You are left with this dilemma. Do you go in for lighter alternatives that could just as easily be carted away by intruders or do you stay with the heavy weight. Perhaps something of a middle ground, a compromise if you like, needs to be established. And your storage engineer can help you with that.